Sunday, October 2, 2011

new homemade pajamas

he loves his new pjs

they have little airplanes all over them... made out of the one pant leg from an old pair of my pjs

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  1. How adorable---Jockamo in his PJ's!!! I need to look for a cute warm sweater/jacket (cheap) for Truffles since Fall is upon us. She get's her first grooming/nail clipping tomorrow! Her hair really has grown while we were on vacation. She also brought home a few fleas from her previous parent's home/dogs! So I made a homemade solution of orange peels that you cook in water and then chop in processor before putting into spray bottle. This treatment seems to have worked (at least for now). I also washed all of her bedding/blankets in hot water. It was difficult to see them on her since her hair is chocolate colored! CRAZY FLEAS!!!